Structural Glass Bridge

Experts for Structural glass bridges supplied and fitted. Laminated safety walk on glass panels can be used to create minimal unique glass bridges.  The glass element can span across majority of the bridge to ensure minimal supports.

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We love internal or external projects. No job is too small or too big. Its what we do.

structural glass bridge

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In all our projects we can offer a full glass design and build service with 3d intents. We do all the structural calculations and give solutions to any existing problems.

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Structural glass bridges are not only stunning from a design perspective, but also fulfil an important practical safety purpose – allowing so much light to permeate a structure.

We design and install walk on safety glass floors and bridges along for precisely this purpose.


Glass Bridge walk-on floor panels

We generally use 33mm thick glass panels (comprising of 3 layers of 10mm toughened safety glass). We have option of using SGP, PVB and EVA interlayers for the lamination.

structural glass bridge

Anti slip coatings are available.  Ask the team!

Structural Glass Bridge details

We advise all our clients to include painted borders. Edges of the glass will be painted in a smooth durable paint which provides the perfect finish. The painted border will hide all gaskets, silicones and metal work. Gives a frameless finish to any structural glass bridge. All are products are BS standards compliant and we can provide certs to help with building control.

glass balcony

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Frameless safety glass balustrades can be designed into the structural glass bridge construction with minimal detailing to maintain the clear glass look. We can look at using glass beams. These are used in the support of the glass bridge the laminated glass panels can be elongated upwards to act as the balustrade to the bridge achieving a clear finish with no visible fixings

laminated glass

 Our in-house team can provide CAD drawings or 3d Intent drawings. Please ask about this service.

We only use Toughened and for outside heat soaked/toughened Laminated Glass for a structural glass bridge as it’s is five times stronger making it suitable to walk on. Using this product in any design creates an open space which is sure to impress your family and guests.

glass floors


Have you thought about using LEDs in a structural glass bridge?

We also offer glass edge lit Led technology. So, we can add more value to the glass bridge design. We can edge light the glass floors and the frameless glass balustrades.

structural glass bridge

The results of underlighting glass are amazing. The pictures speak for themselves.

led glass

To find out more about how we can turn your dreams into reality with a bespoke Structural Glass Bridge.

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