Why choose DAG Inter Ltd for Walk on Glass Skylights in Kent?

We have over 15 years’ experience in design, supply and build of structural walk on glass skylights in Kent.
Based on the survey reports of the site that needs to be worked on, we are able to estimate how much laboring needs to be done.

The biggest drawback when fixing any glass roof panel is its access.

Basically our glass sheets that make the roof skylights are merged together with interlayers made of PVB or EVA.

We also have DGU glass roof lights that have special UV protection elements that can measure the heat control that gleams through.

The glasses we use are durable and safe, that if ever so there was an accident, the interlayers will still remain untouched and there will be no risk of injury either.

For light related solutions regarding the glass roof skylights for both internal and external roofs, we can safeguard say that still 100% of light will still be able to transmit through.

What are the different types of glass roof lights that have availability in Kent?

Our ranges vary as below:

Standard Transparent
Colored Interlayers
Printed with a Digital Images
Printed with a Ceramic Frit.
Walk on Panels
Anti-slip Walk on Panels.

What are the ideal glass skylights places to use structural walks? As long as there is a firm basic frame, glass roof skylights can be used both inside and outside a house. The glass floors can be walked upon easily and also the glass floors can be used either as ceilings or roof lights.

Using our experience we can assess from the initial site survey the correct method of works that need to be undertaken.

Access is the biggest disadvantage for the installation of any glass roof panel. Our roof lights made of structural glass that comprise of two or more glass sheets bonded together with one or several PVB or EVA interlayers.

Also known as walk on roof lights. We can offer normal DGU glass roof lights with UV control measures in the glass panes. Our entire walk on glass roof lights are a safety glass, so in the event of an accident the glass remains bonded to the interlayer and will avoid the risk of injury.

If it’s an internal roof light or external roof light solutions, options can be offered to ensure 100% of light transmitted through our glass panels.

What types of glass roof lights are available in Kent?

Standard Transparent
Colored Interlayers
Printed with a Digital Images
Printed with a Ceramic Frit.
Walk on Panels
Anti-slip Walk on Panels

Where to use structural walk on glass skylights in Kent?

Glass roof skylights can be used anywhere in the house internal or external as long as we can fix a structural frame.

Our roof lights can be used as walk on glass floors. We can also use these glass floors for ceilings or roof lights. Our walk on glass is designed to carry loads set out in BS 6399. Using transparent glass finishes allows light to enter below so this can create space and light. Applying a black ceramic frit inside the glass to hide any steelwork that supports the glass panels.

Looking for a supplier of Walk on Glass Skylights in Kent? Contact DAG Inter Ltd Today

DAG Inter Ltd are one of the nations leading suppliers of Walk on Glass Skylights in Kent in suppliers. We are confident to supply, to make, and create according to the customer’s specific requirements.

As a glass roof skylights manufacturer, DAG Inter have over 20 years experience. Especially in the supplying of roof lights in the Kent area. We can guarantee a full service to our customers with every fitting we make. Plus, unlike our competitors, we have a very wide range of products and can cater to each individual requirement.

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We advise all our glass roof lights to be heat strengthen and not just a toughened safety glass. We ensure safety first at all times.

To find out more about our unique range of glass floor products available in the Kent area, you can contact us today with your enquiry.


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