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Our team of experts have over 25 years experience in all types of Glass applications.

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At DAG Inter, our major focus is placed upon providing high-quality Glass to all our customers in Kent. Commitment to quality and productivity is the core trait which is widespread in our workforce.

We leave no stone upturned in providing you with the Best Balustrades in Kent services. With us, you no longer have to worry about safety concerns because ensuring safe proceedings is one of the top-most priorities of our team.

All our projects are carried out by prioritising the Health and Safety of our team members as well as our customers. Our Safety Program is an all-inclusive package of guidelines which ensure the safety of the general public, local contractors, DAG Inter’s team members, clients, and suppliers.
Our team bags more than 40 years of experience. We are rapidly becoming the leading supplier and designing company of Bespoke Balustrades in the Kent and surrounding areas.

What Type of Glass Balustrades should you use?

We also offer a Heat soaked service with all our Toughened Glass Balustrades to ensure no come backs in the future. Too many glass panels are fracturing under the adverse weathers the UK are receiving. In all Toughened Glass there is a potential risk to have a Nickle Sulphide inclusion which can cause the glass to fail. Our heat soaking service removes this potential risk. Its well worth the additional cost long term.

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Frameless Glass Balustrades supplied and fitted in Kent!

We proudly present a brand new range of Frameless Glass . Our new range is here to keep up the pace with the advanced technology in Balustrades in Kent. Topped with powder coated finish, our Frameless Balustrades give the perfect design and look.

Our highly skilled team will work day and night to deliver you with the most pristine and high-quality Glass Balustrade designs.

Versatile range of Stainless Steel and powder coated glass balustrades

We offer Balustrades in Kent for all purposes. Be it glass protection for balconies, glass dividers, or glass internal walls, DAG Inter will design the best Glass Balustrades for every purpose. Delivering the vesting service in a limited budget for indoor and outdoor projects is our speciality. Enjoy the services of an experienced workforce which is not afraid of taking on new challenges.

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Manufactured by using Toughened, clear and laminated safety glass, DAG Inter’s Best Glass in Kent is perfect for meeting with all the building regulations. We also offer Low Iron service if needed.

From satin stainless steel systems to channel glazing and stand-off pig nose fittings styles, we can provide you with all sorts of designs.

outdoor Glass Balustrades kent

From design to the installation of the Best Finishes.

Aside from having decades of working experience in Kent and London Areas, we have extended our Best Glass Balustrades in Kent services on an international level as well. By working with international designers and architects, we are taking the Best Glass Balustrades in Kent service to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Our visually pleasing designs and structural engineer’s calculation reports, we guarantee client satisfaction in every possible manner.

A closer look at the safety of Best Glass Balustrades in Kent:

The conformation of British standards and the ability to withstand with the infill design load is necessary for any glass installation. Proper care is taken to conform to British regulations in a full height barrier which extends fully or partly below the minimum height barrier.

DAG Inter ltd takes these standards into special consideration and ensures the safety of the system. Frameless designs have become the most favourite type of Balustrades in Kent. The reason is the usage of laminated glass and channels or pig noses as base fixings.

By using these elements, we create bespoke frameless looking-glass panels.

In all our designs, we prefer the usage of Pilkington’s low iron glass or clear glass stock sheets.

These materials are best to provide the best clarity and finish to all our designs.

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DAG Inter is amongst the leading Best Glass Balustrades in Kent suppliers in the UK. Check out our vast spectrum of decorative glass products in Kent and related areas. All our Best Glass Balustrades in Kent are true epitomes of architectural creativity and unparalleled safety.

Contact us today to find out more about the types of Glass balustrades and glass design products in Kent and London areas. We treat all our clients with equal attention to details and efficiency irrespective of the size of the project.

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