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Are you looking for the perfect Glass design for your home? DAG Inter is here to offer you the best Glass design services in town. We are a certified team of Glass design experts having a complete set of skills and equipment to deliver professional Glass services for all our clients.

Exclusive Glass design services for all kinds of projects

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Would you like to add a dash of modernity to your home or workplace? DAG Inter brings exclusive Glass design services for all kinds of living and working places. Whether you want a minimalist Glass design for your home or a sophisticated design for your office, we will provide the best services in every manner.

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Make the most of your space

We simply love working with clients and letting them know how they make the most of their living and workspace. From revamping the style of your room to renovating the exterior of your building, we do it all with the utmost architectural Glass design mastery. DAG Inter’s team will show you how you can make the most of your space and live in style using Glass design.

We are expert in dealing with challenges

Two of the most prevalent challenges every Glass design company has to face are the space and budget limitations. From dealing with limited budgets to revamping even the trickiest of spaces, our outstanding Glass design team is always diligent in every manner. Count on us to never let any challenge get in the way of your sophisticated living.

Bespoke Residential Glass design services

DAG Inter bags the label for dealing with a plethora of private and residential clients asking for customised Glass design. Our commitment to client satisfaction has led us in cultivating our Glass mastery in every project.  We have revamped even meekest of projects to create something on a whole new level of artistry. Expect us to create the most from your ideas whilst complying with your budget.

Detail-oriented commercial Glass design services

We have worked with property developers, educational institutes, breweries, and sophisticated hospitality companies for Glass design. Our unrivalled team of experts has managed to impress everyone from the commercial sector. We are committed to perfection due to which we always comply with tight deadlines and budgets. From concept building till creation and implementation, we provide detail-oriented glazing services.

Versatile range of Glass design

DAG Inter offers a versatile range of Glass Balustrades which include the:

Framed option
Frameless option
Semi Frameless

Our Glass is compliant with the k/n m2 rating which is unique for every building. To know more about this rating, contact us today to get access to the data sheet.


Safe and secure Glass design

From preparation and designing to installation and final finishing, we ensure personal and client safety at every step. We use the following type of safety glasses from which our clients can choose from:

Toughened Monolithic Glass.
Toughened Laminated Glass.

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