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Glass Staircase Kent Experts. Amazing installations from DAG Inter Ltd.

Here at Dag Inter we value each and every project that we take on in Kent. Whether it is Frameless Glass Balustrades , Framed Glass Balustrades, Coloured Glass Splashbacks or Backlit Glass, we can tackle them all and provide the very best results possible. We are the number 1 local experts.

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We cover all areas of Kent.

We take on a variety of clients throughout the Kent area and one particular installation that we are particularly proud of has to be this Frameless Glass Staircase Kent.


The installation

This particular client contacted us in order to update the look of their old staircase. They felt the need to opt for something crisp, clean and a whole lot more modern then what they currently had. We worked with them to plan in to remove their old staircase, before installing one of our popular designs.

A Frameless Glass Staircase. There is something truly breath-taking and stylish about this particular type of staircase and the client gave us the feedback that she felt that it couldn’t look any better. We even powder coated all the channels, which gave a truly seamless look to the entire staircase.

Whilst design is always important, we know that safety is key too. Particularly when it comes to Glass Staircases. That is why we installed 17.5mm toughened glass which was then bolted onto the stair case. Safety, but without taking away any of the amazing style that is part and parcel of the Dag Inter service.

Why DAG for your Glass Staircase Kent?

After completion, the client let us know that she was incredibly happy with the end results that she received. Not only has it transformed that particular part of her home, but it also has improved the overall look and value of the property too.

Why us?

Looking for something similar on a glass staircase Kent, or something entirely different? No matter what it is that you might be going for, one thing is for sure if you come to us here at Dag Inter then you are going to receive the very best service possible.

We take great pride in installations both small and large and we will work with you to ensure that you receive exactly what you are looking for. No matter where you are in Kent, with our help. You will be sure to have the installation that you are going to be incredibly proud of, all with a little help from the experts here at Dag Inter for a glass staircase Kent. We source all our glass from the Pilkington range to ensure the best clarity and finish.

Best Glass staircase Kent finishes?

If you have a look throughout our website you can see we offer different types of glass finishes, have you thought about a stone finish? Have a look at our digital glass finishes.

How to make contact for a Glass Staircase Kent?

Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can offer you, whether a domestic or a commercial property.

We know exactly what it takes to make sure that you have a property that you can be proud of.

We are the number 1 suppliers for a Glass Staircase Kent.

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