Backlit Marble Panels

Backlit Marble Panels

We offer Backlit Marble Panels in various finishes. Our stone glass is available in an almost unlimited choice of marbles, onyx, granite & semi-precious stones. Low iron toughened glass is used as standard to the rear element , with other glass types available upon request. Glass stone is supplied cut-to-size ready to install.

Backlit Marble Panels are an attractive and versatile material that can be used in the home in a wide range of different ways. one of the great advantages about this product is that it can be translucent, which means that light can shine through it to create an amazing effect.

Backlit Marble Panels are unique!

All projects are designed, developed and produced to the most highest standards. DAG Inter Ltd offer a complete range of natural and man-made stone including semi-precious, onyx, alabaster, marble, limestone, granite and quartz. Explore our Backlit Marble Panels stone collection on our main pages on the website. With our suppliers advanced production processes and stone engineering we can offer the world’s thinnest, lightest and strongest large stone solutions for any application.

Please have a look at our Stone glass pages for more information.

Typical uses for Backlit Marble Panels

Bar tops
Bar fronts
Back bars
Wall cladding
Steam rooms
Shower rooms

Why DAG INTER LTD for Backlit Marble Panels?

We are the number 1 suppliers in the UK for high end Backlit solutions whether it be structural glass or real glass on stone applications. As you can see from our gallery we enjoy our works and take pride in all finishes.

The Backlit marble panels are laminated glass. So the product is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe at all times. The end user enjoys all the benefits we would associate with laminated glass including UV Protection and solar/temperature control of the environment. What an amazing product!

If you would like to find out more about this wonderful product please contact us via the website or call us.

Our team are available for free advise at all times.

We like to be involved as we know this helps with a smooth transition throughout the project.


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