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There are many great reasons for having glass mirror walls supplied and fitted in Medway. Glass mirror walls can add elegance and class to your home whilst making it a better place to live.

glass mirror wall supplied and fitted medway

They can also increase the value of your property due to the way they are so highly sought after. These walls have been fitted into both commercial and residential properties in Medway.

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Perhaps you only have a vague idea about what a glass mirror wall is? Glass mirror walls are architectural installations that involve covering or incorporating entire walls with mirrors. These walls can be made up of large panels or individual mirror tiles. They can create an attractive reflective surface which spans the entirety of your wall space. There are many options available when it comes to size, shape and style.

mirror wall supplied and fitted medway

Let’s take a look at the various benefits offered by Glass Mirror Walls right now.

Illusion of additional space

A key benefit of a glass mirror wall is that it has an exceptional ability to create an illusion of more space. If you’re facing spatial constraints within your home, a glass mirror wall can make your property feel more spacious. This can have fantastic psychological benefits.

mirror wall medway

Timeless elegance

Another fantastic reason for investing in glass mirror walls is that they offer a timeless sense of elegance. They can work well in all kinds of properties, including both traditional and modern environments. The mirrors work just fine with a host of interior design styles.

Light manipulation using Large Mirror Walls 

A glass mirror wall can also manipulate light in order to make a space more inviting. It can capture and reflect both natural and artificial light, ensuring your space looks brighter. When interiors are well-lit, they tend to be much more inviting. Dark rooms can have a negative impact on our mood and well-being, making us both less productive and happy within our homes.

Practical functionality

Glass mirror walls don’t just make your space look great. They also serve practical purposes. These include personal grooming. They make it easier for you to check your appearance to help you ensure you look your best before you head out of your property.


Versatility of glass mirror walls in medway!

These installations have also become very popular due to their versatility. They can cover entire walls or be strategically placed to change the ambience of a space. There are many design options to choose from when it comes to glass mirror walls. This means you shouldn’t struggle to find a solution that works for you regardless of your budget, personal preferences and stylistic requirements.

The growing popularity of glass mirror walls can be linked to their aesthetic appeal, their practicality and the way they make your space appear brighter and more welcoming. It’s likely that these installations will grow further in popularity over the coming years.

Mirror wall

Who can help with glass mirror wall installations in Medway, Kent?

At Dag Inter Ltd, we can come to your assistance if you’re ready to invest in a glass mirror wall installation in Medway. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to designing and installing glass mirror walls for a wide range of customers. The installations that we create are designed to add value to your home, make it a better place to live and stand the test of time. We are passionate about first-class craftsmanship, attention to detail and bringing your vision to life. We can help you create a space that’s as sophisticated as it is practical. Why not your living experience with us and make an investment to be truly proud of?

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With over 40 years of expertise in glass-based home improvement solutions, we have established ourselves as a leading force in our field. Renowned for high-end glass installations, we offer exemplary customer service and durable product quality, particularly when it comes to toughened safety glass.

Our team have CSCS and SSSTS certifications. They can provide flawless and durable glass installations. From designers to applicators, each member is motivated to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We specialise in all types of bespoke glazing and our incredibly proud of our extensive knowledge.

Offering a variety of bespoke glass designs and installations, we can work with all kinds of budgets without compromising quality. Our glass consultation service enables clients to choose the perfect design for their properties. Serving London and Kent, we are experts in glass solutions and are passionate about helping you to benefit from the very latest innovations. We also have a firm commitment to health and safety. Talk to us today if you require a reliable and customer-centric glass supply and installation leader.

mirror wall medway supplied and fitted

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