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Reasons to invest in Glass Balustrades in Rochester

Glass Balustrades in Rochester Kent are becoming popular. Its one of the best and friendliest towns in Medway Kent. Investing in glass for your home can give you a host of practical, and safety benefits. Glass Balustrades are noted for their visual appeal, versatility, flexibility, simple maintenance requirements and the way that they can add value to your home whilst making it a better place to live. So many great finishes of glass balustrades we offer for the Rochester , Medway towns.

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Whether you’re opting for framed or frameless glass balustrades, here’s why they can be a great addition:

Visual appeal for Glass Balconies in your Rochester home. 

Glass balustrades have a modern, sleek look that can add to the visual appeal of your home. They can give your property an extra touch of elegance and sophistication. They can also create an open and unobstructed feel to make your space feel larger.

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Natural light and views

Glass is noted for its ability to allow natural light to flow freely through your living space. It can brighten up a whole area. It’s also ideal for those who have great internal external views to admire and don’t want to block them. Glass balustrades in Rochester Kent are ideal when you want to show off these views without restriction.


Glass is able to complement a wealth of interior and exterior styles. It can work very well in traditional, contemporary and minimalistic settings.

Safety reason for Glass Balustrades in Rochester

Another great reason for investing in glass balustrades Rochester Kent  is that they tend to be highly durable. Tempered glass is often used to make these balustrades and is highly resistant to breakage. Glass balustrades normally meet or exceed building safety codes, ensuring your home is a safe environment.

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Easy maintenance

Glass balustrades are also very easy to main. Glass is simple to clean and only needs a quick wipe down every so often to continue looking great. It’s also highly resistant to corrosion, which ensures it’s a great long-term investment.


Many Rochester homeowners invest in glass balustrades due to their design flexibility. You have many options when it comes to size, shape and even colour. Glass can be seamlessly integrated with other materials such as metal or wood. It’s easy to create something truly unique that adds the wow factor to your home and is truly personal to you.

Increased property value

Glass balustrades can also help you increase the value of your home, making it more desirable to potential buyers if you ever do decide to sell up.

Why go frameless for your Glass Balustrade Rochester project?

Going frameless can ensure the focus remains on the views or design elements you want to show off beyond the balustrade. However, there are many fantastic visually appealing options available to you if you’d prefer to add frames to your balustrades.

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Timeless appeal

Glass balustrades have stood the test of time over years, remaining popular even as other home improvement trends have been and gone.

Who can help when I want to install glass balustrades in Rochester, Kent?

At DAG Inter, we can assist you when you want to add glass balustrades to your property in Rochester or any other part of Kent. We have a great deal of experience in this area and can design and install glass balustrades that will look great and serve you well for many years to come. We always prioritise health and safety whenever we’re installing glass balustrades on our customers’ properties and are only happy when you are truly satisfied with the outcome. We have more than 40 years of experience to draw upon and are able to introduce you to glass balustrades in many forms.

Durable, long-lasting Glass Balustrades from DAG Inter

If you’re looking for tough glass balustrades that will stand the test of time and have an incredible ability to withstand the elements, we can help. Our heat soaking service removes the risk of your glass failing and has become incredibly popular with our customers. We can also provide you with frameless glass balustrades topped with a powder-coated finish for extra durability.

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We offer Glass Balustrades in Rochester Kent for a wide range of purposes including glass protection for glass balconies, glass dividers and glass internal walls. One step we have taken to optimise the quality of our glass balustrades is to work with a range of global designers and architects. This has enabled us to take our installations to the next level. We can also help if you want to invest in exciting home improvement solutions including backlit glass, backlit stone glass and glass splashbacks. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend, we’re confident we have the solution for you.

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