Glass Balustrades in Minster Sheppey

Glass Balustrades in Minster Sheppey

Minster is a very amazing village in the south east region of England. It is located on the north coast of Isle of Sheppey in Kent county, Swale district in Minster-On-Sea civil parish. Minster has very beautiful beaches and it’s surrounded by green banks. It is a nice place to be all the time. It is one of the fastest growing villages in Kent and most people are adopting up to date technology.

Glass and Fittings

Here in Minster Sheppey, DAG Inter LTD supplies and installs glass balustrades to the people of Minster Sheppey. We have come to help people of this village achieve the beauty of their homes. Well installed glass balustrades makes your house look very decent and appealing to you and your visitors. Everyone in Minster is aiming at installing these glass balustrades to make their homes look modernized. We as DAG Company our glasses are of the right material and are the best for the people of Minster Sheppey. The glass panels are transparent and hard enough to avoid breakage. They are made of quality glass material to ensure they serve you for long. These glasses are accurately cut and fixed well to make sure your house looks neat.

Benefits of Glass Balustrades in Minster Sheppey

Well installed glass balustrades ensure high safety in your home. Your kids and pets cannot fall off on stairs and balconies in your house. These glasses enclose your house completely making sure everything inside is safe. The supporting handrails provide safe climbing support for your kids when climbing up the stairs. The stainless handrails are very shining and help improve the beauty of your house when viewed from a distance. The transparency of these glass panels helps to light the dark areas of your house during the day. This reduces the cost of lighting these corners during the day time. Well installed glass balustrade in Minster Sheppey will make your home look awesome and very beautiful. The natural beauty of the Minster area when combined with the beauty of your house will make your home a first class place in the world.

Amazing Installation of Glass Balustrade Minster Sheppey

Our team of experts are superb when it comes to the whole installation process. We start by taking all the necessary measurements of the place to be installed. This is to ensure accuracy during the fixing process. We then use anchor rods and chemfix to drill and tap brackets to make sure angles are direct to each other. We place the glass balustrades into the carrier and lock the wedges. By the use of adjusting tools, we tilt the carrier to around 20mm adjustment each. Once the glass panels are perfectly aligned with adjacent glass panels, we then use the combi tool to lock the front wedge. After all that we fix our gasket and finish our installation.
DAG Inter LTD is the number 1 supplier of the best glass balustrade in Minster Sheppey. If you have any question concerning the purchase and installation process of glass balustrade, kindly visit DAG Inter LTD and our team of experts will make sure you are sorted. We enjoy serving you in Minster Sheppey. Welcome all.

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