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Backlit Onyx Panels are our latest innovation at DAG Inter Ltd. Based in London. These thin Stone Glass products are amazing. Quality Backlit onyx panels with so many different colours. They create beauty that only real natural onyx stone can provide with a Toughened heat soaked safety laminated glass bonded to the face of the stone surface. We can now offer Onyx stone laminated to Poly-carbonate. Its lighter and 100 times stronger than glass. It also helps with transportation. Less risk. PC is an amazing product to us. Have you thought about using this material for floors?

backlit onyx panels

Allowing even the most beautiful but otherwise fragile translucent onyx stones to be used within a wide range of commercial applications. The thin stone is the only natural product that is 3 dimensional.

Its the best finish on the market.

We offer many onyx such as, Backlit White Onyx, Green Onyx, Tiger Onyx, Pink Onyx and Marble stone finishes.

Best Backlit Stone Glass

At DAG Inter Ltd, our onyx glass can also be Backlit or edge-lit using the latest LED light panel technology. We generally use a 10mm thick LED light pad to the rear to create light for this wonderful high end product.

Translucent Backlit Onyx glass Stone Panels are translucent and can be used for extremely large decorative structural panels if required. However, we may need a joint line applied to the surface. Stone slabs are 1.2m x 2.4m .  Have you thought about having the finish book matched? Then the design blends naturally. Creates amazing results. Ask the team!

Stone glass is 6mm veneer of real natural translucent stone laminated to glass or poly-carbonate.

This unique product range is known as Onyx glass and it has endless design opportunities.

Translucent Backlit onyx is available in an almost unlimited choice of natural stones such as White Onyx, Black Onyx, Tiger Onyx and Semi-Precious Stones.

Are Backlit onyx panels safe for your home or office?

We laminate the Translucent Onyx Stones using new PVB interlayer technologies. Laminated safety glass consists of multi-layered sandwich of glass with a special grade of PVB. Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) ensures adhesion, acoustic and impact toughness. The result is glass that holds together in the event of an accident.

So this means you can use it for safety reasons as well as natural beauty within your designs.

This product complies with all building regulations.


What type of applications for backlit onyx panels?

Backlit Onyx Panels in the architectural world are used in many types of applications:

  • Bar Tops
  • Bar Fronts
  • Back Bars
  • Table Tops
  • Wall Cladding
  • Furniture Tops
  • Artistic Glass
daginter Backlit onyx stone

Backlit Onyx Stone can be used in all applications where beautiful nature stone is combined with the performance of laminated safety glass to create a unique design environment.

backlit onyx panels


The Translucent Backlit Onyx Panels laminated glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. So this can be used internally and for external designs. However, we always recommend you cover the edges of the laminated glass panels.

The end user enjoys all the benefits one would associate with laminated glass including UV Protection and solar/temperature control of the environment. It adds values to any design.

All the Backlit Onyx Panels are laminated glass and are tested to BS EN 6206/12600 Grade A safety standards.

Have you thought about using it as Backlit Structural Glass Flooring? Have a look at our blogs or library to get some ideas!

Backlit Onyx Panel Suppliers!

As one of the leading decorative glass suppliers in the UK we can provide a range of Backlit stones including backlit onyx and other decorative glass products.

So not only will your architectural glass be safe, it will also be decorative.

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