Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent

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Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent

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Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent

DAG Inter Ltd are a local supplier of toughened glass floors in Kent & London.

Contact us now as the Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent. Glass Floors use transparent glass solutions which allow you to view through the glass from either above or below the glass floor. However, if you are going to use glass floors in your home then the safest solution for you is toughened glass or heat strengthened glass which is renowned for its durability and resistance to breakage.

Not only that, toughened glass is a 6 times stronger than annealed glass, making it the most reliable glass material for any glass floor project. DAG Inter Ltd are a highly experienced team and supplier of toughened glass floors in Kent and London.

Glass panels are increasing popularity in interior and exterior applications as the glass allows light to pass through it. Glass flooring adds style and is a unique alternative to transform your vision.

Got project in mind that requires toughened glass floors in Kent or London? Give us a call on 01634 323769 or email us to discuss what DAG Inter Ltd can do for you.

Glass Floor Panels Features:

  • Glass Floor Panels can be used in commercial and residential structures like homes, offices, basements and other potentially gloomy zones.
  • You can also add patterns, decorative interlayers, colours, textures and more.
  • We use Saint Gobain or Guardian stock sheets either clear toughened or low iron toughened as these provides the clear glass which can be used in flooring to maximise light transmissions. Glass can used in stairwells as steps with a choice to introduce led lighting sheets to the rear to give another dimension in design and lighting.
  • Glass Floors can solve your problem when the glass walks are placed in the dark room or cold basements. As the light can easily pass through them and can easily be visible in dark place.
  • Glass tread standard are available to the achieve requirements in both wet and dry conditions. In wet environments we advise to use an ant slip on the outer surface. Many styles are available.
  • Flooring can be done by using custom shapes, thickness, interlayers and different paint coatings.

How are Glass Floor installed?

  • Like all other glasses, DAG Inter Ltd glass floor systems require a site survey, structural calculations and a design intent which we offer along with a full in house service.
  • We can also work alongside your site engineer and architects design intents.

We are the number 1 Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent area.

How Glass Floor is made and what are the materials used in them?

Most of our glass floors are supported using structural steel frames which are strong, produced in different finishes for internal and external applications and are easy to install given the correct grounds.

Glass Floor Panels Maintenance:

  • We all know that Glass floor adds the beautiful look to your home and when you have put the glass floor on the focal points like balconies and mezzanines it shows amazing features. Glasses needs polish afterwards to prevent streaking, also you need to take care about scratching as they can be permanent and can gather grime and dirt when used overtime. So need a proper maintenance to it. However we do offer a polishing service in the event of damage to the outer panel.
  • Regular Clean up: clean the exposed surface of the glass block with a clean and soft cloth by using mild hand soap and rubbing gently. Do not use abrasive or solvent type cleaners, detergent or paint removers that can cause bad effect on the glass floor panels.


Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent for many well established interior designers.

Supplier of Toughened Glass Floors in Kent

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  • Glass Stairway Landings
  • Glass Bridges
  • Glass Tiles
  • Glass Floor Slabs
  • Glass Walkways



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