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Structural Laminated Glass Floor

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Structural Laminated Glass Floor

A structural laminated glass floor is something that many think isn’t possible in a residential home. Especially an external structural laminated glass floor. Won’t it cost too much? No, and we proved that to a happy client, who never dreamt that her design idea could come to reality.

Structural Laminated Glass Floor

The client was creating a balcony area that would sit above her kitchen. Sky lights? or a balcony to the above bedroom? Ultimatum, surely? No, we let her have both. Very happy client indeed.

How to install a structural Laminated Glass Floor.

We were working with an existing site. No build has perfect angles or straight lines. The survey was crucial. This glass unit had to sit perfectly parallel against the brickwork so it looked ‘right’ from below. So on a cold September morning we took our laminates from the factory to site and began the install.

The install took half a day and our experienced team were happy with what we had achieved. Its not often that we put in a structural laminated glass floor. It can completely transform the space. It created a lovely little balcony for the client to use in the summer months and provided natural daylight into the kitchen below.

Completion of the structural Laminated Glass Floor.

This project is evidence that by bringing natural daylight into a space, you can inject life into it. Have you thought about introducing a stone image or pattern inside the glass. Ask the team its what we do.



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