Revolutionise Your Environment with Backlit Stone Wall Panels

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Revolutionise Your Environment with Backlit Stone Wall Panels

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Revolutionise Your Environment with Backlit Stone Wall Panels

You may have seen backlit stone wall panels and the variety of incarnations that panel designers are creating in a variety of places. Filling spaces and creating unique, eye catching features that emanate an amazing, magical ambiance. Backlit stone walls are becoming more popular as people admire their beauty and their uses continue to develop.

The developments over the past few years have come from the use of high-tech/modern materials and lighting systems along with design techniques that have helped people choose their functionality so much so that there is an almost endless array of backlit interior design features.


These unique design features are made of a thin natural stone veneer that is bonded to glass. Although on its own this appears stunning, with the addition of modern LED lighting systems, the stone backlit panel quite literally begins to shine, giving off a seemingly natural glow that is spread out by the light absorbing properties of the stone. There is a huge selection of stone types to choose from but among the most popular and visually appealing are onyx, marble and granite. These can be seen as more luxurious options, however there are different stone types being used alongside cheaper alternatives that provide an almost exact likeness of the real effect.

Backlit stone panels and walls have a growing amount of uses as interior designers push the boundaries of their use. Here are just some examples of what we think are the most spectacular uses that make a statement of style and opulence that no other material comes close to matching. These examples are by no means the only uses, but we think they capture the diverse uses that some people have put this material to over the past few years with awesome effect and transformative vision.


Essentially, backlit stone wall panels can be used in all architectural glass applications where the vibrancy of coloured glass is combined with the performance of laminated safety glass. See our extensive galleries for many more ideas of just how versatile and attractive different uses can be.

Safety Aspects of Backlit Stone Glass Panels

Not only is any backlit feature a unique, vibrant piece of art for your interior, backlit constructions can also produce a mystical ambiance in almost any setting. Other benefits of having such an installation are the combination of stone, bonding and laminated glass that is very strong whilst giving the appearance of being ethereal.

With its strength comes the fact that the panels are secure, they require very little if any maintenance because of the use of LED technology, and they are safe as all the laminated glass is tested to BS EN 6206/12600 Grade A safety standards. The product is always a minimum of 6sqm when purchased to utilise the stone slabs.


Using stone wall panels gives all the advantages one might associate with laminated glass including UV protection along with temperature control of the environment.

When all is said and done, there is almost nothing negative to say about the innovative and awe inspiring uses of backlit stone wall panels. Their use is limited only to the imagination of the designers and their robust structural make up is masked by the softness of the fine glow emanating from behind each individual piece of stone.

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