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Non slip glass flooring

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Non slip glass flooring and stairs are becoming increasingly popular in the architectural world. Non slip glass floors use specifically calculated combinations of glasses and structural supports, so to create a structure fit for pedestrian use.

Lighting and individuality of design in the production process of the glass allow the interplay of transparency and reflection of light. The building use and location define the performance specification. When considering anti slip glass as a flooring material, reference should be made to British Standards.

Our non-slip glass floors come in 5 different finishes:

These products combine the aesthetic qualities unique to glass with anti-slip characteristics certified to international standards. There’s a wide choice of textures that can be used for small or large spaces. They all guarantee grip in dry and wet conditions. Then, the anti-slip flooring surface is also scratch resistance certified.

Safety is key. For example, if there is a risk of a dangerous drop and there is unrestricted access to the underside, then a pedestrian bridge laminated solutions must be applied.

non slip glass flooringAt DAG we are advanced in glass floor technology using non slip glass on the external face and the versatility of decorative interlayers within the laminate. Decorative interlaying is a safe and maintenance free alternative to traditional processes. Not only can the laminate be decorative but also a safety non slip glass. We embed images of colours inside sheets of laminated glass using new decorative interlayer technologies. We offer all the latest decorative interlayers such as such as Digital Printed PVB, PET Films, Dura clear and Dura Tran films.

non slip glass flooringDecorative interlayers are digitally printed with full-colour, high-definition ink jet and interlayer technology. The result is high-quality imagery and design textures in non slip safety glass. The laminated glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. The end user enjoys all the benefits one would associate with laminated glass including UV Protection and solar/temperature control of the environment.

At DAG Inter Ltd we manufacture and install decorative non slip glass flooring and stairs to match your requirements. With a range of colours, finishes and sizes you can be reassured we have a non slip glass flooring option to suit.To find out more about our range of non slip glass flooring and other decorative glass products, please contact us today.



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