Manufacturing and installing edge-lit glass panels

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Manufacturing and installing edge-lit glass panels

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Manufacturing and installing edge-lit glass panels

Our latest project required us to design, manufacture and install a structural edge-lit glass way finder. We had an initial design meeting where the architect to ensure every aspect was understood. The intent was to be a light box structural glass feature for a reception area. Edge-lit glass is being used more and more in the decorative glass industry.

As with many bespoke architectural glass projects we faced a number of obstacles during the manufacturing process. Firstly part of the spec required minimal glass fixtures and fittings. We also had to make this a edge-lit glass free-standing light box structurally safe as the final position of the glass would be passed by members of the public on a daily basis. Combining LED lighting, structural diffused glass and toughened laminated glass would ensure this project was bespoke.

We manufactured a 50mm diffused PVB thick glass sample as we do with all bespoke decorative glass projects to give our client a visible example of the project.LED lighting strips were also sealed along the edges of the glass sample.

DAG Inter Ltd have been manufacturing and installing edge-lit glass panels for kent and london for a long time.

Our glass technologists determined that diffused PVB and a 10mm thick perspex to light the inner part of the glass would need to bonded together. The only way we could achieve a free standing glass structure was to embed into a channel and secure with a structural resin. We would then hide the steel structure below FFL.

The glass was 2 x 17.5mm laminated safety glass panels laminated together with a 10mm perspex inside bringing the total thickness to 50mm. The 2 x free standing structures would be independent of each other after instillation . The largest panel was 1500mm x 3500mm and the smaller panel 1000mm x 3500mm. This took the total weight of the glass panels to 500kg.

As we do with any of our bespoke decorative glass projects we ensured all the correct procedures were taken during manufacturing, especially during lamination.

Manufacturing and installing edge-lit glass panels process!

Image showing the manufacture process where we laminated the perspex and diffused PVB between the toughened safety glass to make our 50mm thick edge lit glass panels.

Side profile of the 50mm thick decorative edge-lit glass panels.

More manufacturing images of the safety glass.

Once our decorative glass panels have been correctly manufactured and checked, they are expertly packed and ready for delivery to site.

Prior to installation of the decorative edge-lit glass panels our expert glaziers prepare the structural steel work that would act as a clamp for the edge-lit glass panels.

Installation images of the 150mm x 1500mm steel-work.

The steel structure has now been prepared fully for the instillation of the decorative edge-lit glass panels.

Images of the decorative glass panels being craned into place.Ensuring that glass is safely positioned to be sealed into the steel-work is vital to the safety of the decorative glass panels.

Our skilled glaziers install glass into the base channel using a special Hilti resin that sets as strong as concrete. The thickness of the glass and this special setting agent will allow this feature to be freestanding decorative art glass.

After instaltion of the glass, we connected the LED edge lighting that ran along the edge of the glass to create light that dispersed throughout the glass panels.

Front view of the edge-lit glass panels.

Another stunning bespoke glass project manufactured and installed by DAG Inter Ltd. We are honoured to be part of the first edge-lit glass installation in the world which is free standing with no side or top structure.

As one of the lead­ing glass sup­pli­ers in the UK we can pro­vide a range of back lit or edge-lit stone glass and other dec­o­ra­tive glass prod­ucts, so not only will your glass be safe, but also dec­o­ra­tive.

To find out more on the types of glass stone we offer please con­tact us.



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