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Supplier of Double Glazed Units in Kent

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Supplier of Double Glazed Units in Kent


DAG Inter Ltd supplier Double Glazed Units in Kent using a combination of several glass panes that are inserted into a single window pane. There can be two or more glass panes, making it either double or triple glazed units. The glass is separated by a spacer ranging from 5 mm to 20 mm or more, before being fitted into a window frame. In recent years, double glazed units have been in popular demand as more and more people have come to understand the benefits of fixing it in their window panes.

Materials Used for Double Glazed Units

There are many types of glass used in the making of double glazed units. There are clear, low-e, self-cleaning, acoustic, laminated or a combination of all these elements. Each glass has its own specialty. For example, there are some like the low-e glass that can contain heat and stop it from escaping while a laminated element can eliminate noise pollution from outside. The materials used have to be specific, depending on the location of the house or office and depending on the requirement of the client.

Why Double Glazed?

There are many benefits on installing double glazed units. Firstly, it minimizes the noise coming from outside. During summer, it is able to prevent heat from entering. The other added benefit is, it captures heat, to keep the room warm, especially during cold nights and in winter. The temperature of the room/house/office will be stable. With this kind of advantage, there is no need to have the heater or the fans and air conditioners on during cold or hot days respectively.

The double glazed units on the window frame is more than enough to control the temperature. For those who are concerned about the environment, this kind of unit would seem appropriate.

Since there is a spacer in between the two panes of glass, there are concerns for mold and moisture confined in between. But, these spacers are installed with a kind of material made from silicon that is able to absorb the moisture. And it’s a safe way to say that, there is no need to dismantle, clean and fix the window pane.

Another important benefit of the double glazed units, are it is harder to break. And with the concern of security or a potential accident, it is absolutely safe to say, this won’t damage the glass. Especially when the glass surface is laminated.

Life Span of Double Glazed Units

This usually depends on the quality of the glass. Other facts to be considered include the space between the two layers of glass, temperature and the workmanship. Double glazed units can last between 5 -10 years. Some manufacturers give a longer warranty, and a replacement if the glass are damaged before its due.

structural glass engineer reports

There are many benefits of double glazed units, especially with their ability to capture or release heat during the change of seasons and the fact that it cannot be easily broken. With a long warranty period and many advantages to follow, it is defiantly worth to install.

Looking for a local supplier of double glazed units in Kent? Contact DAG Inter today to discuss your project requirements.



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