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Decorative Glass Interlayer

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Decorative Glass Interlayer

At DAG Inter ltd we are often asked to produce decorative glass interlayer design.

Decorative glass interlayer are being used more and more in the decorative glass industry. For this project, our client specified decorative Inter­lay­ers as it enables us to create stunning images and designs in fully qualified safety glass. Our client requested a white design that gives an optical illusion to be used for a private residential glass balustrade.


decorative glass interlayerThe project required us to manufacture 13 glass panels each with a decorative glass interlayer. After instillation the glass panels would create an amazing 9m x 9m Structural decorative laminated glass balustrade.

decorative glass interlayer

Lamination of a Decorative Glass Interlayer. During the manufacturing process our fully qualified glass technologists ensure that the glass is correct and in perfect condition prior for lamination.

The next part of the process involves laying the PVB either side of the decorative interlayer. This in turn then acts as a glue ensuring the decorative glass interlayer adheres to the glass.

The decorative pattern is checked against the design intent drawings. The edges are then sealed with special lamination tape and all holes are covered.

Once the glass has been prepared it will then go on an 8 hour heat and vacumme cycle.

Once the glass has been removed from the oven it is then cleaned down and checked ready to be signed off.

Here is an example of another type decorative interlayer glass panels. On this occasion we used a solid PET fim that could be backlit.

decorative glass interlayer

After completion we join three of the decorative glass panels together to check the alignment of the decorative glass interlayer and every matched the specification.

A different viewing angle of the completed decorative glass panels.

Kent and London’s number one Decorative Glass Interlayer supplier!

As one of the leading glass suppliers in the UK we can provide a range of decorative interlayer glass and other decorative glass products, so not only will your glass be safe, but also decorative. To find out more on the types of decorative glass we offer please contact us.



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