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Backlit White Onyx Panels Design Ideas Kent

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Backlit White Onyx Panels Design Ideas Kent


Have you considered Backlit White Onyx Panels Design Ideas Kent property developing. Installing backlit white onyx panels has become a very popular trend now. Especially in home, office or at business venues. The grouping of organic and beautiful materials with man-made technology has created a fabric that transforms a dull environment into an impressive and exciting one.

Every material used in the backlit white onyx panel has managed to take interior designing to the next level.


Onyx is a mix of minerals and crystals that comes in a variety of colors. Especially in black or white or shades of purple or blue. It is used for many different types of purposes especially in accessories, fashion and now for home and office decoration.

The use of onyx related stones has been recorded back since ancient Egypt where it was used in pottery. Since then, it has been far wide spread all over the world and has been used in sculptures as well as for interior designs.

Backlit White Onyx Panel

Backlit White Onyx Panel is a combination of backlit and white coloured onyx. These two are then made into a panel that can be used in many types of designs. These panels manages to capture a beauty of the natural arrangements of the stones behind the layered glass, bringing out a timeless masterpiece.

There are many ways to use these panels, such as bar tops, table tops, walls, furniture or on glasses. Either way, according to the choice of the customer, there can be various designs fixed anywhere. Especially when the theme sticks to natural stones. This is a 100% natural stone and the luminousness is increased thanks to the backlit.

Although the combination of stones and backlit take time to be manufactured, installation isn’t a problem. Depending on the requirement of the customer and where the panel has to be fixed, the foundation will be installed with the appropriate amount of lighting. Then the backlit designs are fixed in, before the stones are on the top layer, bringing out the natural look of the stones.

We offer the best Backlit White Onyx Panels Design Ideas in Kent. Use our years of knowledge to help design your project.

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Things to Consider

Choosing backlit white onyx panels is a win win. However, there are many things to consider before decorating the interior with this concept. Things to be considered includes the design of the stone and the lightning of the product. There will be a lot of illumination created from this panel and it has to be in line with the mood or theme of the room. Trust us, we are experts for Backlit White Onyx Panels Design Ideas Kent.


Looking for a way to make interior designing different, then having a backlit white onyx panels is a great way to go about it. The natural look of the stones and its combination with lights does give out a very classic and elegant look. And this kind of design perfectly fits anywhere in and out the house, office or business place.

Backlit White Onyx Panels Design Ideas Kent is becoming the fashion. We work closely with designers and interior designers.

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