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Back Painted Glass Splashbacks Medway Kent

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Back Painted Glass Splashbacks Medway Kent

Hey you! Are you seeking to remodel your kitchen with some back painted glass splashbacks Medway, Kent? Great! This is fantastic – we are about to embark on one crazy adventure and I am very excited that you are tuning in. If you are a fan of Disney Stories, grab your magic carpet and your pet monkey because we are about to explore a whole new world in the Kitchen.

You will truly see how your kitchen can transform in just a matter of a flick of pixie dust. This week, we are going to spend some time studying the recently world fashion trend of Back Painted Glass Splashbacks for your Medway home. Not only will we get to explore the basics of back painted glass splashbacks, but we will also explore the different types of coloured glass splashbacks that exist, the pros and cons and also the expected price you can pay for such a design. By the end, you will be captivated by the new modern style that is taking over new modern homes across the globe and most likely be contacting your local contractors, tomorrow! It’s okay though, it’s a fad, it’s a trend, and everyone is doing it! Let’s begin!


Back Painted Glass Splashbacks – What’s The Story?

Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

The story here is simple – one day designers were looking at different style of backsplashes and realise there is one style out there that has yet to be invented it: Back Painted Glass Splashbacks. The idea provides a layer of depth into the kitchen and at the same time truly redefines the modern kitchen. Through installing a back painted glass Splashbacks in your Medway home, it will easily drag your home from the 20th century right into the 21st. Now, the thing is, this is just the beginning. Back Painted Glass Splashbacks Medway are so beautiful in nature that interior designers did not just stop there. There have been new styles that have enhances the regular model of back painted glass Splashbacks.

With increasing technology and innovation, the list continues with each passing month and year. It’s quite incredible. Now with that being said, such a feature can provide some beautiful opportunity and selling points for the near future. I can sense that you are sounding a bit sold at the moment and want to know a bit more right? Well, the benefits reside in how clean-friendly the product actually is. In comparison to its competition, the back painted glass Splashbacks actually are very easy to clean and maintain over their life expectancy. Just imagine for one moment – no more mildew, grime or build up in between the tiles behind your sink – are you sighing of relief just yet? It gets better! With the rise in the modern trend, the ROI is currently greater than expected. If the modern trend continues to rise, such an design within any home can increase the sale value – easily! With that being said, you are truly
sold, aren’t you?

We only use low iron pliks glass to ensure the clarity of the chosen colour.

Well, the last question I think you may have on your mind is how much, right? Well the truth is, the cost can vary from project to project, so why not give us a call on 0203 280 3031 or email us and we can discuss your requirements and hopefully work together on a new bespoke project!


Your Medway Home!

As you are preparing to design your kitchen, keep in mind all of the awesome opportunities and customisation abilities Back Painted Glass Splashbacks Medway have for your home. What I want to leave you with is this creative notion. In the 21st century, if you can think of a design for your kitchen and have the money to support it, someone can build it for you.

Who would have thought that you can build a glass-based back splash and have built-in televisions and iPad into it? Well guess what, it’s a thing! Can you come up with any unique and trendy ideas?

Looking for a local supplier of Back Painted Glass Splashbacks Medway or the wider Kent area? Contact DAG Inter Ltd today to discuss your project requirements.



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