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back lighting glass

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Back lighting glass specialists.

Another great project by the back lighting glass supplier specialists, We created a unique bathroom using our sublistyle range of decorative interlayers and back lighting glass LEDS.

This glass products use Sublimination ink technology. This glass process makes it possible to create transparent or full colour fade encapsulated between laminated safety glass. The technique has a number of glass products combined. Perfect for back lighting glass. The key area is we use dyes rather than the traditional inks.  Its gives versatility over all the other processes.
We offer many other types but feel this is the best of the best! So why don’t you ask the team!

Why we would use back lighting glass.

The maximum transparency of glass in combination with deep colours and optimum contrast give you the opportunity to create all types of Pantone and RAL Colour finishes. This can work with all our LED products such as the PADS, or perspex or LED ladders.

Back lighting glass applications.

Our decorative glass is ideal for the following applications such as Glass balustrades, Partitioning, Glass Doors, Glass Walls, Glass Flooring, Kitchen Splash backs and Glass Stairs; anywhere that requires a decorative focal point.

Is back lighting glass safe?

The laminated glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. The end user enjoys all the benefits, one would associate with a laminated decorative glass including UV Protection and solar/temperature control of the environment as well as design versatility.
At DAG Inter Ltd we can provide decorative glass using the Sublistyle process, so not only will your glass be safe, but it will also be decorative. All our glass products meet building regulations.
We can design a bespoke piece or use one of your own existing images to embed onto the glass so the possibilities are endless. Have you seen our others finishes for this amazing product. We have over 50 stone glass finishes. That’s correct a Stone finish.
Whatever stone finish you can think of i’m sure we have the file ready. So why don’t you email us with your project requirements.




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