Using Kiln Formed Glass to create Art

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Using Kiln Formed Glass to create Art

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We are offering one of our latest glass technologies called Kiln Formed Glass. Kiln Formed glass is being specified more and more in the glazing industry. Kiln formed glass is also known as “Slump glass”.

This is manufactured by softening clear or body tinted glass at a high temperature, it is generally created using a thick base and its surface vary according to substrate used. Glass offers an exciting range of possibilities to create patterns and capture fluid textures and patterns. This technique is fully optimized and has a number of glass products combined.

A modern day alternative to stained glass, by fusing different coloured shapes that are translucent and vibrant. Kiln Formed Glass can be Toughened/Tempered or laminated to conform to all BS standards.

It’s basically a bespoke product that can be tailor made to the client’s requirements. The Kiln Formed Glass can be curved, shape, countersunk and drilled.

At DAG Inter we can provide decorative Kiln Formed Glass for most glass applications, so not only will your glass be safe, but also decorative. Not only are Kiln Formed Glass designs visually pleasing, they are also heat proof and durable making them ideal for use behind stove tops and wood ovens.

To find out more about our Kiln Formed Glass products please contact us today.



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