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Made to measure service for coloured glass suppliers kent. At DAG Inter Ltd our range of coloured glass provide architects and designers the availability of over 3,000 transparent or translucent or opaque glass colours. The transparent system is based on a foundational palette of 13 basic colours that can be combined in up to 4 layers to produce custom coloured glass. Coloured interlayer colorants are made up of highly resilient pigments, rather than the dyes commonly found in most ink-based colorant systems. These are designed to provide years of colour durability, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

We are the number 1 coloured glass suppliers kent.

We also offer solid coloured glass panels which are part of our backpainted glass range. You can see more information about these products on our website. We are recommended daily as the coloured glass suppliers kent.

As the Coloured Glass suppliers kent we can confirm the glass is safe?

Coloured Glass is a safe and maintenance free alternative to traditional processes. We embed coloured PVB interlayers inside sheets of laminated glass. Laminated safety glass consists of multilayered sandwich of glass with a special grade of PVB. Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) ensures adhesion, acoustic and impact toughness. The result is glass that holds together after accidental damage. All our glass meets building regulations.

Where can you use Coloured Glass?

Coloured glass interlayers can be used in all applications where the appearance of coloured glass is combined with the performance a laminated safety glass. The laminated glass is strong, secure, low maintenance and safe. The end user enjoys all the benefits one would associate with laminated glass including UV Protection and solar/temperature control of the environment.

As one of the leading decorative glass suppliers in the UK we can provide PVB Laminates and Coloured Glass, so not only will your glass be safe, but also decorative.

Have you thought about having a stone image design for your project. We now have 40 different types of glass stone designs.  Ask the team.

coloured glass suppliers kent

Have you seen our Facebook pages or Instagram. We have a very unique presence on social media. We are down to earth and fun with what we advertise. Maybe you can see a project which may give you ideas or reassurance we are the best coloured glass suppliers Kent.

To find out more on the types of coloured glass products we offer please contact us.



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